You can setup your own domain or subdomain to load your partner version of the RxSpark platform. To do this you'll need to register your custom domain in your partner account on RxSpark as well as setup a new CNAME DNS record with your domain's DNS provider.

Setting up your DNS - CNAME Records
Create a CNAME record with your DNS provider. For this example, we'll be using Godaddy, but these same steps should apply to any DNS provider.

  1. Login to your DNS provider's website and navigate to the DNS settings for your domain.

  2. Create a CNAME record for your domain which points at

3. Click 'Save'
4. If you have elected to use the Spanish domain as well, repeat the steps to setup DNS for that domain too.

Register Your Domain in RxSpark

  1. Go to "Advanced Settings" in your Partner Portal.

2. Enter your domain name into the settings and click 'Save'. You can optionally include a domain for Spanish as well. This could be a subdomain like and will load a spanish version of the site. If you choose to use the spanish domain as well, you will need to setup and extra CNAME record in the next step.

SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates will be automatically installed within several minutes of registering your domain in your RxSpark partner account. Once the installation has run, you will see either a success or fail indicator in your partner settings.

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