If you are interested in partnering with RxSpark, you can fill out an application on our site. Depending on the type of business you are, you can apply to be an affiliate partner or a contractor partner.

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate partners are businesses who refer patients directly. If you plan on marketing RxSpark directly to patients, then applying to be an affiliate partner is right for you.

Apply to be an Affiliate Partner

Contractor Partners

Contractor partners are businesses who will sign up affiliate partners. If you plan on referring other businesses or organizations who will then market directly to their customers, then applying to be a contractor partner is right for you.

Apply to be a Contractor Partner

Approval Process

Once you have submitted your application, our team will review it and either approve or deny the application. If there are questions about your application, we will reach out to the email address provided as part of your application. To make the process as quick and smooth as possible for you, please ensure the information in your application is complete and accurate.

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