You can create your own text and banner ads to place around your partner site. These can be for anything you'd like to promote on your site.

To create a new add, login to RxSpark and navigate to your partner portal. Then click "On-site Ads".

Click "Create Ad"

Next, you will be able to choose between a text ad and an image ad. Text ads are helpful if you want to use custom messaging and create ads quickly. If you have banner ads already created, you can upload them as image ads.

Once you've supplied the URL your ad should link to and either uploaded an image or completed the ad copy for your text ad, you can select the placement you'd like on the site. This will determine how and where the ad is shown.

If you want the ad shown in any space available, then select "Any Location". Otherwise, select the name of the page you'd like the ad shown on. If you do not select "Any Location" then your ad will only be shown on the selected page.

Once you are finished, click "Create Ad".

You can come back to the "On-site Ads" page at anytime to monitor the performance of each of your ads.

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