For partners who want to get integrated quickly, we offer an embeddable widget that can added to your website or application in minutes. The widget is loaded in an iframe and allows customers to search for drug pricing near them, register for an account and send vouchers to themselves via email or SMS.

To find your embed code, login to your Partner Portal and navigate to "Creatives > Widget". Here you will find a few lines of code you can paste into your website.

If you are using a dynamic programming language on your website, you can pass in user information into the URL as a query string to autofill the customer information asked for in the widget.

In order to pre-populate information you may pass the following data via the widget URL:

  1. drug

  2. zip

  3. email

  4. phone


In addition to allowing customers to register, if you have the customer's RxSpark user id, then you can utilize the Multiauth Endpoint in the RxSpark Partner API.

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