Yes you can! RxSpark can help save you money on prescription medication whether you have health insurance, Medicare or self-pay.

The price of many prescription drugs on RxSpark will be less than your co-pay, so even when you have insurance it is always worth checking if paying cash is cheaper.

RxSpark vouchers cannot be used to lower co-pay costs or with insurance. However, if the price is cheaper with an RxSpark voucher it may be used instead of prescription insurance.

Many insurance plans allow customers to submit prescription receipts for reimbursement or credit. If you are unsure, contact your insurance company to find out whether receipts for prescriptions purchased with RxSpark vouchers may be submitted for reimbursement or to be counted towards your deductible.

Check your insurance company’s website or policy documents to find out your co-pay and get an accurate idea of your outgoings when using your prescription insurance.

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