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Help for Patients
Help for Patients
Helpful articles for RxSpark cardholders and patients
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What does RxSpark do to protect my privacy?
How should I dispose of unused/unwanted medication?
Why are there prices on RxSpark but the pharmacy is out of stock?
Is there a generic version of my drug?
What is the difference between generic and branded drugs?
Tips to Help You Save Money on Prescriptions
Manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs
The 340B Drug Discount Program
What federal and state assistance program are available?
How do I find a patient assistance program?
How do I reduce the cost of my prescription medication?
Assistance with Medicare prescription costs
How RxSpark can help with Medicare limits and restrictions
Medicare doesn’t cover my prescription drugs
Can I save with RxSpark if I have Medicare Part D / Medicare Advantage?
How does purchasing a prescription without Medicare affect your limits?
I have Medicare, how can RxSpark save me money?
How do I use RxSpark instead of insurance?
How has the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) affected prescription prices? Can I still save with RxSpark?
How can RxSpark help with my high deductibles?
How do I save money on prescriptions if I have insurance?
I have health insurance. Can I still use RxSpark?
I can’t print my RxSpark discount voucher…
My RxSpark voucher was honored, but the price was wrong…
My RxSpark voucher wasn’t honored at my pharmacy…
Can I switch pharmacies and transfer a prescription?
Can I reuse a voucher if my pharmacy or prescription changes?
Do RxSpark vouchers expire?
Do I need a new voucher each time I refill a prescription?
How do RxSpark vouchers work?
What is the difference between RxSpark vouchers and manufacturer coupons?
How do RxSpark drug discount vouchers work?
Why are drug prices so variable?
Understanding healthcare practitioner administered medications
Understanding Specialty Medications
Why is the price wrong?
About our prices
Why isn't my local pharmacy listed?
Is RxSpark a pharmacy?
How do I find the right dosage or quantity for my prescription?
How do I compare prices for my prescriptions?
How do I use RxSpark?
What is RxSpark?