What difficulties face people with high deductible plans when buying prescriptions?
High deductible health plans require policyholders to pay for their own medical care and services until the cost reaches a certain threshold. In a typical high-deductible plan, this can be over $6,500 for an individual and significantly higher for a family plan. The consequence is many Americans with these plans do not satisfy their annual deductibles. This means they pay a lot of out-of-pocket medical expenses and do not receive co-pay benefits.

Policyholders generally get lower prices for prescriptions than the cash price you would receive walking into a pharmacy. However, these are usually higher than a co-pay rate and it can be particularly expensive when buying branded medication.

How does RxSpark help?
RxSpark vouchers are often significantly cheaper than the price of an insurance co-pay and are lower than the cash price paid when you walk into a pharmacy.

Generic drugs often cost less than a co-pay, while the price of branded pharmaceuticals may also be less on RxSpark, particularly if it is not covered in your health plan’s formulary.

Just ask your pharmacist to use the voucher to process the transaction and not to run the prescription through your insurance.

Don’t forget, prescriptions purchased with RxSpark will not count towards a deductible. If you have a large number of medical expenses or numerous costly prescriptions, it might be worth considering using your insurance to satisfy your deductible.

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