The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has affected plans for many Americans across the country. You may find drugs covered under your old policy are no longer included in your insurer’s formulary. Deductibles are also on the rise, which may mean greater out-of-pocket medical expenses for many policyholders.

Can I still save with RxSpark?
Fortunately, RxSpark can still help keep your outgoings on prescription medication to a minimum. Find the free voucher for the medication you need at and take it in to the pharmacy you selected. Ask your pharmacist not to run the prescription through your insurance and to use your voucher instead.

Don’t forget, prescriptions purchased with RxSpark will not count towards a deductible. If you have a large number of medical expenses or numerous costly prescriptions, it might be worth considering using your insurance to satisfy your deductible.

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