Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) and Advantage programs are useful plans to help seniors over the age of 65 save money on healthcare services and medication.

Stay informed about your medication costs
Prescription prices change regularly, making it hard to keep track of your medication costs and to ensure you do not overpay. RxSpark helps seniors stay informed about their medication and its impact on their overall healthcare bills. We feature important information on medication, along with dosages and possible conflicts with over-the-counter drugs.

Find lower prices than Medicare Part D co-pay
Drug prices are lower when you have Medicare coverage, but in many cases it is easy to find cheaper alternatives. Search RxSpark and you may find the medication is cheaper with a voucher and cash than with a Medicare discount.

This is particularly true when drugs are not included in the insurance company’s formulary. A limited coverage is offered by Medicare, but RxSpark greatly expands your options. We make it easy for seniors to find the lowest prices on an extensive range of brand-name and generic drugs at their local pharmacies.

If the drugs you need are not on the formulary or there is a cheaper generic alternative, it may be worth exploring RxSpark to see if you can save money on your prescription medication.

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