You can! Medicare co-pay is not always the pharmacy’s lowest price, so even if you have prescription coverage, this may not be the best route to the cheapest prices. You may also not be eligible for some discounts until you have reached your deductible, or may need to purchase drugs not included in your provider’s formulary.

RxSpark can be used instead of Medicare to keep the price of over-the-counter and prescription drugs to a minimum. It cannot be used with Medicare or to reduce the cost of a co-pay, but it may be cheaper to bypass Medicare and pay cash with an RxSpark voucher, particularly if you are not likely to reach your deductible.

You can also use RxSpark to compare the prices of drugs at pharmacies in your area, so it is easy to find out whether you can get a better price than your co-pay or Medicare discount.

Prescriptions purchased with RxSpark will not count towards a deductible, so if you have a large number of medical expenses or numerous costly prescriptions, it might be worth considering using your insurance to satisfy your deductible.

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