Generic drugs generally cost a lot less than their branded counterparts. Generic medication approved by the FDA is required to have the same dosage, strength, method of use and intended use as branded versions. They are just as safe, perform the same and have the same quality requirements.

If a doctor prescribes a brand-name drug, ask if a generic version is available, as this could prove a far cheaper way to get the medication you need.

When you search for medication on RxSpark, check the first dropdown menu to see if there is a generic version of the drug you require as the prices may be much less than the brand-name medication.

Pill Splitting
Many pills and drugs do not increase in price when the dosage increases. Consequently, it may be cheaper to split one pill in half to get two doses rather than take two separate pills. For example, if you need a 50mg tablet daily, you could take half a 100mg tablet and save the other half for the next day.

Patients should check with a doctor or pharmacist before using this money-saving strategy as it is not safe with all varieties of tablet.

Price Matching at the Pharmacy
Some pharmacies are flexible on the price of drugs and will negotiate or price-match. Many do not advertise this, so it is always worth asking to make sure you are getting the best value for money!

Coupons and Discount Programs
RxSpark vouchers can save you up to 75% off the cash price and are accepted at thousands of retail pharmacies across the United States.

Brand-name drug manufacturers often offer manufacturer vouchers, (or co-pay cards). However, these often require registration on the site and insurance companies usually prefer not to use them.

Pharmacy discount programs (both paid and free) are offered by a number of major pharmacies. These cover a limited range of generic drugs at a discounted rate.

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