Generic drugs are not always the cheaper option
Even some generic drugs can prove expensive, so if you are struggling to afford these, do some more research into the brand-name version. Brand-name drug manufacturers will often offer assistance programs that are unavailable for generic varieties.

Look into financial support programs
Do your homework when looking into financial support programs. Most have income and eligibility requirements and will not be available to those with insurance or Medicare. However, this is not universally true, so some thorough research and combing the fine print may reap rewards. Some assistance programs are designed to help those with Medicare costs or for patients whose insurance will not cover a drug or line of treatment.

Ask your doctor
It may seem an obvious step, but your doctor can help you look into assistance programs and some are only available through a doctor’s office. Physicians may be able to prescribe a cheaper prescription medication with the same effect if you are struggling financially. Alternatively, doctors may provide other advice on how to reduce prescription costs.

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